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About us

Future Growth is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 in Denmark. The organisation’s aim is to bridge the gap between education and career for young people by using non-formal education methods. 

All of our activities are based on the learning-by-doing method. Learning by doing is an action-oriented methodology, that is based on the practice of the work performed to stimulate the activity, self-development, motivation, and active participation of youth.


Our Core Values

We live the mission

We are a passionate team driven by purpose and deeply committed to our mission. We seek understanding, build trust and create meaning in our work together.

We see potential in everyone, everywhere 

We believe that individuals with passion and perseverance can discover their way to achieve their goals despite of their lack of talents

We believe human connections matter

At FutureGrowth, we are all about relationships, collaboration, communication and teamwork. When we join forces with those around us, we all go further than we ever could alone.

We are always learning

We celebrate knowledge, creativity and innovation. We pay attention to data, research and our own experiences. Our team listens, adapts and takes calculated risks, as needed.

We own the impact

We are committed to delivering sustainable results, and recognizing that clarity, lifelong learning and growth are at the heart of the work we do together. When we harness this power collectively, we change the course of youth potential.

Meet our team!

Future Growth’s most valuable asset is its team of committed individuals who are strategically deployed to deliver on our goals. Youth will benefit from our team’s vast range of expertise and our extensive backgrounds in the full range of organisational fundraising, including marketing/communications, project management, grant writing and data analytics.

Marta Rozanska

Marta Rozanska

Board Director


Marta is the Board Director and founder of the Future Growth foundation. She completed her Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. Marta possesses work experience from several companies such as Kahoot,  Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Copenhagen, and Danish start ups Likvido and Woomio. At Future Growth beside being Board Director she takes a role as Project Leader. 

Niclas de Souza Hannisdal

Niclas de Souza Hannisdal

Vice-Director of the Board

On a daily basis Niclas works as Tech Academia Partner in Novo Nordisk, but has extensive startup experience from TechBBQ, Venture Cup and organizing many startup activities. He has a passion for music, and airplanes. At Future Growth he has various roles, he is the Vice-Director of the Board as well as Project coordinator.

Ernestas Šimutis

Angel Fernandez


Angel, pursuing a master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CBS, wears multiple hats as an Innovation Consultant and Community Builder at Copenhagen Innovation Hub. With a track record including organizing events at Copenhagen Capacity and contributing to the grand opening of LEGO Tivoli store, Angel’s passion lies in nurturing startups and fostering meaningful connections. At Future Growth, he is set to forge partnerships with companies.



Zahra Al-Mazni



While being interested in marketing and technology, Zahra is pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Information Systems at CBS. Using her knowledge in technology and experience as a previous contestant in FED, she is contributing to the social media and camera work at the events. Her participation in different events have taught her what’s trending and impactful which will be used to further elevate the marketing side of Future Growth.

Barbara Kozubal

Lucas Hoff Schmidt



Lucas boasts extensive experience as a software developer within the dynamic realm of the video games industry. Furthermore, he is an enthusiastic student of entrepreneurship, consistently seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and skill set. Recently, Lucas achieved a significant milestone by graduating with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Commercial Law, further enriching his expertise in the business landscape. At FutureGrowth he is supporting partnerships department.

Barbara Kozubal

Anna Dabrowska



Anna, a mix of a curious spirit and an analytical mind. Currently pursuing bachelor’s in Information Management at PJAIT, and actively engaging in entrepreneurial initiatives. Passionate about soft skills development. Experienced in conducting workshops for youth, making education fun and inclusive. With a knack for management, she consistently seeks out the most efficient solutions to challenges. Anna is eager to elevate your FED experience through her role as an administrative and marketing volunteer.


We are proud to be part of a larger community consisting of universities, organisations, and public and private companies. 

Our partners support us both in our mission and financially.

We partner up with organisations and companies that share the same vision to make sure that young people develop their skills and have the best start in their education and professional life.

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Do you want to help us on our mission of supporting and guiding youth in their education and work journeys?

Do you want to contribute to bridging education and professional life?

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